Service Charter

B & L Section:
1 Confirmation of storage space farmer facilities 3days
2 Godowns rents/office building rent approvel/clearance 4days
3 Let out of godown to private parties/depositors 3days
4 H & T appointments/Renewals 7days
5 Issue of TDS certificate to INV/Godown owners 7days
6 Release of EMD/ SD 4days
7 Complaints/Claims from depositors 3days
M & QC Section:
8 Sanction of dunnage/Furniture required 3days
9 Sanction of chemical indents to WHs / RO 3days
10 Awarding AMC
(annual maintenance contract from inviting tenders to awarding contract)
11 Awarding ARC(Annual Rate Contract)
inviting tenders to awards & contact.
F & A Section:
12 Godown/ Payments 3days
13 Payment of wages/ Imprest of WH/RO 7days
14 Disposing off advance/Payments 3days
15 Disposal of PF loan application
16 Final settlement of PF ammounts on receipt of no.
due certificate from P & A section.
17 Settlement of gratuity/ GSLI & EL encashment 
claim of retired employees
Engineering Section:
18 Allotment of works by online tender process
(From preparation of estimates to allotment of works
19 Payment of part bills to contractors 7days
20 Payment of final bills to contractors 10days
21 Release of EMDs & SDs to contractors 7days
22 Sanction of advances request by WHMs 3days
P & A Section:
23 Compassionate appointment 7days
24 Sanction of conveyance advance / allowance 4days
25 Sanction of HBA loan/Repair 7days
26 RTI information 2days
27 Payments of payment bills Monthly
28 Medical Advance & bill payments 4days
29 Quartarly return of employment exchange 3days
30 Sanction of CL/ EL :3days
31 Sanction of annual increment & incentives 3days
32 LTC/ HTC permissions/Payments 4days
33 Clearance of retirement benefits 7days
34 Sanction of festival advance/ educational advance 4days
Conference Section:
35 Hiring/Rehiring agreement
(after approval from the competent authority)
acquision & alienation of land
36 Allied correspondences 7days